Life Update + 4th Quarter Goals

We only have 25% of 2019 left, which is INSANE to me! Holy how?? In three months, we will be in a new decade..

At the beginning of the year, I decided to split my “New Years Resolutions” into “quarters” or chunks of four so that they’re easier to manage and to keep me accountable. You can find Quarter 1 here and Quarter 2 here.

Now that Quarter 3 is over, it’s time to give a quick life update and see how I did on my goals!

  1. Write 8 blog posts: Going to Disney gave me plenty to write about!
  2. Read 12 books: I fell really behind and thought I wasn’t going to make it, but then I decided to start using Audible and have already listened to so many great books! I may not have *finished* 12 books this quarter, but I’m in the middle of FOUR so I’m counting it.
  3. Finish draft three of my novel by the end of July and send out at least ten query letters: I finished draft 3 a few days ahead of schedule and got started sending out query letters right away! Then I got a bunch of rejects and got busy with school, but I managed to get my stuff together and send out some more to meet my goal.
  4. Make the most out of my last few weeks in my internship and start my new job off with a bang! I finished my internship strong, and I am LOVING my new job on campus. I’m assisting with social media, interviews, and writing articles for the Missouri Small Business Development Center and it is so much fun getting paid for something I enjoy.
  5. Start a workout routine. I had good intentions. And then life and school happened.
  6. Be able to do crow pose (yoga). I did it!! I first (kind of) accomplished it in my yoga class on campus and then went home and did it for real! I was so excited. I even got some other complicated inversions as well.
  7. Establish a solid morning routine (I’ll get it eventually)
  8. Drink more water. Yes!! Getting a reusable bottle with a straw really helped me (I’m not huge on drinking straight from a bottle or cup) and some days I don’t quite get enough water, but I’m staying hydrated!
  9. Cut my time spent on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in half. Unfortunately I still spent quite a long time on social media this quarter.
  10. Have the BEST trip to Disney World EVER. This trip was so magical and I’m SO sad it ended so quickly. When can I go back?

This quarter has been a good one! It was all around exhausting, but I had some great memories to make up for the days where all I did was work and wish I was asleep. I hung out with friends and family during the last month and a half of summer, and had quite a few adventures despite working so much.

I finally got to go back to Disney World with my old roommates and had the BEST time.

I never got around to writing a blog post about it, but right after Orlando, Shane and I flew to South Carolina. We met up with Brenna and Mom and got Brenna all moved into college! It was a short, fun, and sad trip. I can’t believe my younger siblings are in COLLEGE now??

Then I started my sixth semester at Missouri Southern, which is in full swing. I’ve already read SO MUCH Tolstoy for my literature class (I’m halfway through War and Peace and I haven’t fallen behind yet??) and written many formal documents for my two writing classes. I’m learning a lot this semester, and am loving my new job on campus and my officer role with Sigma Tau Delta. This is going to be a great semester.

Besides all the books and audiobooks I’ve completed, I’ve consumed a lot of great content this quarter. During the month in July where I was sick and on the couch for days at a time, I watched all three seasons of “One Day at a Time” and cried during literally every episode. SUCH a good show. Shane and I finished season 6 of The 100, and we saw quite a few movies, both in theaters and at home, including Spider-man: Far From Home. Taylor Swift’s new album also came out this quarter and I’ve listened to nothing but Lover ever since. I’m obsessed.

I’m SO excited for this next quarter and the holidays, traveling, and memories that come with it. This is my last chance to make 2019 the best year ever, and I’m determined to make it great!

Here are my goals for the final quarter of 2019:

  1. Write 8 blog posts
  2. Read 14 books (making a total of 50 for the year)
  3. Step outside my comfort zone as much as possible during my trip to Seattle.
  4. Stay on track with all my reading for school (War and Peace and Anna Karenina)
  5. Spend a LOT less time on social media
  6. Read my Bible more
  7. Keep sending out query letters (and don’t get brought down by rejections)
  8. Write something really good for Sigma Tau Delta Convention and get accepted
  9. Dare I say it: Be able to do a headstand without the support of the wall
  10. Try out some new recipes and start cooking more than just tofu (even though it is delicious)

Concluding this Quarter-Wrap-Up post, I would like to share some yummy vegan foods I’ve eaten recently:

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