Life Update + 3rd Quarter Goals

2019 is half over!! 3 months ago, I posted a life update where I talked about setting quarterly goals. For the months of April-June, I set some more goals for myself: ones that are short term and attainable, that will hopefully set me up to achieving my year-long goals as well as better myself and my life!

  1. Run 5k (3.1 miles)– Originally this goal was to do 3.1 miles without stopping, but I quickly learned that wouldn’t happen. My body didn’t like doing one mile without stopping (cramps no matter how much water I drank). But I’m counting this one as accomplished, because I did run a 5k! I even did a faster time than my original goal.
  2. Read 12 books- Dang, I tried to catch up but I barely missed it. I only read two books in April (school made me really behind) and I couldn’t catch up. Counting the half book I read for book club, I read 10 books this quarter.
  3. Post at least 10 blog posts– With this one, yes! I fell behind a little bit earlier in the quarter, but I set a schedule for myself this past month, hitting my goal!
  4. Start researching literary agents and send out tons of query letters- I’ve finally found motivation to start working on my novel again, and am currently on the third draft. After this draft, I will start sending query letters out!
  5. Do something fun and memorable for my 21st birthday, and also for Shane and my 1-year marriage anniversary! My 21st birthday was on Easter, which meant I got to spend time with my family, and then I had a Harry Potter themed birthday party the next weekend which was tons of fun! Shane and I had a chill anniversary, but it was just what we needed and I think it was memorable and great.
  6. Be the best maid of honor ever– I can’t be the judge of this, but I did my best so I guess that counts?
  7. Establish a solid morning routine- I’m getting better at getting up early, but still no routine yet. I will get there, I promise XD
  8. Do yoga EVERY SINGLE DAY– Funny story, I hit my goal during the month of April and then I.. just kind of… stopped doing yoga.
  9. Get back on track with eating healthy- So I started doing this but it became obsessive and mentally unhealthy so now I’m just focusing on eating disorder recovery again, which means eating whatever the heck I want. I’ve eaten a lot of Oreos and vegan cheesy bread. Mentally I’m getting better, and that’s my top priority right now.
  10. Find and land an internship– Yes! I’ve been working with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Jasper and Newton Counties for about 6 weeks now! I’ve already gotten a ton of experience and I’m really enjoying it.

I’ve made a ton of memories this past quarter. April was really hard (mental health wise) but I’m continuing to see a therapist every other week and working towards a healthier lifestyle. Here are some positive things that have happened:

I turned 21 and had a great birthday with my family! I helped throw a bridal shower for Rachelle, threw my own birthday party, and managed to not cry during Avengers Endgame.

I survived my fifth semester at Missouri Southern and jumped right into summer! I ran a 5k, watched my younger siblings graduate high school, and started my internship. This summer has been insanely busy, let me tell yah.

There were also a ton of wedding things happening! Not only was there Rachelle’s bachelorette party, but her actual wedding on June 2!! It was a beautiful day, I’m so happy I had the honor of standing by her side.

Most of my days since school got out have consisted of my internship, my job in the First Year Experience office at MSSU, and my evening job at Family Video. I’m learning a lot at my internship, which is great, but it’s still pretty exhausting. Luckily, I have some evenings off where Shane and I get to hangout together, and I usually do fun things on the weekends!

Besides Endgame, I’ve watched a ton of good TV shows and movies! At the end of the spring semester, Shane and I became obsessed with “The 100”. We watched all five seasons on Netflix and are now watching it every week on the CW website to stay caught up. It’s amazing.

Movie-wise, you’d think working at a movie rental store would mean I’m 100% caught up on all the good movies that come out. Well, with how busy I always am with school, I never watch movies. However, now that it’s summer and I don’t have to worry about homework, I’ve been able to rent movies and actually watch them! Which is fun! One of my favorites I’ve seen the past few months is “Five Feet Apart”, where I cried the whole second half.

I also have some exciting news! I’ve loved the last year and a half I’ve spent working in the Dual Credit/FYE office at MSSU, but that time will be coming to an end in a couple weeks. I’ve accepted a new position on campus as a Brand Ambassador & Social Media Assistant with the Missouri Small Business Development Center! I’ll be starting in August, and I’m pumped.

I’m so ready to see what this next quarter has in store. Here are my goals for the Third Quarter of 2019 (July-September):

  1. Write 8 blog posts
  2. Read 12 books
  3. Finish draft three of my novel by the end of July and send out at least ten query letters
  4. Make the most out of my last few weeks in my internship and start my new job off with a bang!
  5. Start a workout routine
  6. Be able to do crow pose (yoga)
  7. Establish a solid morning routine (I’ll get it eventually)
  8. Drink at least 8 cups of water at least 4 days a week (starting small)
  9. Cut my time spent on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in half. In the last month, I’ve spent an average of a little over 2 hours a day on social media (oof, that hurts). I think cutting my usage down to an hour a day is pretty attainable. I want to spend even less than that on my phone, but I’ll start small. Maybe I’ll surprise myself and use even less!
  10. Have the BEST trip to Disney World EVER (41 days!!)

Concluding this Quarter-Wrap-Up post, I would like to share some yummy vegan foods I’ve eaten recently:

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